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Instructions for the use of Gift Vouchers

The vouchers are used by the owner, whoever he is.
The vouchers are valid for the purchase of any product available on the website (For temporarily out of stock you can ask time replenishment and delivery.)
If the desired product has a value greater than voucher (or the sum of vouchers), to complete the order, you must pay the difference by the standard methods of payment (bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or cash on delivery ).
The vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue.
To obtain vouchers discount just enter the code into the field in the Shopping Cart Summary page (Checkout) and click the "OK" button. The voucher amount will be deducted the amount of the shopping cart.

Gift certificates of

With this function you have the possibility to offer one or more gift certificates to your friends.

You can buy as a standard product plus you have the option to choose the amount, quantity and insert fields for personalizing as good as your name, the recipient's name, a message.
In addition, by entering an address e-mail can deliver them directly to the inbox of your friend .
The vouchers are cumulated between them and partially usable in more orders.

Give your friends the chance to select the product of interest.
If you have a company you can buy vouchers for tax deductible and then use the coupons for your corporate gifts to customers and suppliers or even as an incentive and reward for employees. Enter the company name and the VAT to have a invoice for your business.
Differentiate yourself from your competitors honoring your customer with technical products, solid and long-lasting: even if your client is not a fan of trail running will be happy to receive a Gore-Tex jacket, a GPS sport-watch or a polarized glasses.


For any further information please contact our customer service.