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Delivery charges are always at the customer’s expense, following the costs set out in the price lists below. In some cases shipping may be free. Shipping service is made by an express delivery. Orders received within 12pm are delivered to the express delivery the same day, while orders received after 12pm will leave the following working day. Delivery occurs as shown in the tables in this page. 

Products that may be added to the shopping cart are available in the stock and immediately delivered as said.

Delivery terms shown, aren’t binding for S.I.Tech sas, which can approve them or change them according to his requirements.

S.I.Tech sas has the right to deliver the products in more than one delivery (also regarding the same order), by ensuring only one delivery charges for the customer.

Particular delivery terms and conditions have to be agreed upon by the customer and S.I.Tech sas and accepted in writing from S.I.Tech sas in advanced.

In the absence of the recipient: if at the time of delivery at the address shown in the order, the customer is no present for the order collection, two attempts of delivery are expected, before charging the costs of storage.

In case the recipient does not collect the package, possible successive orders will be accepted only if the payment is done in advance.

Force majeure: in case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, S.I.Tech sas is not responsible towards the customer for the delay or the non-delivery and he has the power to suspend or defer the performance of the contract.

Costs for shipments in FOREIGN COUNTRIES (VAT included)    
Foreign area until  89,99€ from 90,00€
ZONA 1  € 10,00 FREE
ZONA 2  € 10,00 FREE
ZONA 3  € 19,00 FREE
 € 39,00 € 19,00
 € 33,00 € 15,00
 € 35,00 € 17,00
€ 38,00 € 18,00
€ 48,00 € 27,00
ZONA USA € 23,00 € 5,00

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Delivery time

For foreign areas from 1 to 4 the delivery time is 3/4 days, for areas from 5 to 8 delivery times vary from 3/5 working days. For delivery times based on the area click here